Shooshtar Historical Waterfalls – Shushtar

Shooshtar Historical Waterfalls – Shushtar

The Shooshtar Waterfalls are considered to be an attractive historical site. They are located alongside a branch of the Gerger, near Sika. These waterfalls were constructed in the year 1233 AH, in order to protect the Mizan Dam.

In the same year in order to prevent the destruction of the dam, another dike was constructed. Thence outlets of the Mizan Dam was blocked and the course of Gerger River dried up. The Gerger Dam was also constructed on the course of this river and some holes were constructed on the top of this dam, between the two scarps of the river overlooking the valley of Gerger River in the midst of the rocks in order to conduct the water to flow through the holes, thus creating the present waterfalls.

In this way the probability of the destruction of dam decreased. Since the construction of the Koohrang Tunnel which transfers the water from the Karoon to the Zayandeh Rood River, and with the construction of Shahid Abbaspour Dam, the flow of the waterfalls have considerably decreased. But need less to say that these waterfalls are still interesting and wonderful, and account for as one of the most important attractive sites of Shooshtar city.

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