Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque – Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque – Isfahan

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque is one of the spectacular historical monuments of Isfahan in Safavid period, which is an acknowledged masterpiece of tile-work and architecture.

The colors and patterns used in the skilled tile-work of the mosque’s dome have created the most beautiful tile-work in Iranian Architecture. The light of the mosque is supplied through the reticulated windows in different sides of the dome. Another architectural masterpiece can be seen in the mosque’s Mihrab. In mid 1920s, at the instigation of َArthur Pope, Reza Shah commanded that the whole mosque be refurbished.

Distinguishing features of Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque include not having any minarets or courts which are the intrinsic parts of all Islamic mosques, a 45-degree north-south orientation to Qibla, the short dome, the unique Mihrab, monumental inscriptions, and the ringlets above the entrance door, which are placed in marble vases.

The mosque was registered in Iran’s National Heritage in 1931 under the registration number of 105.

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