Shahrood Museum (Baladieh) – Shahrood

Shahrood Museum (Baladieh) – Shahrood

This museum is located to the north of the Municipality building and the Governor’s Office of Shahrood. The museum is a two storeyed building, architectured to the style of the late Qajar and early Pahlavi reigns.

The building covers 306 m. under foundation area. The museum comprises of two sections, named as the archaeology and the anthropology. In the former, evidences from the excavations performed on the Chakhmaq hill of Shahrood, Tappeh Hessar hill of Damqan (5800 B.C.) Khoriyan hillock of Shahrood (7000 BC.) Boulevard hillock of Shahrood (1000 BC.). Relics obtained from these excavations are earthen ware, bronze and glass ware.

In the anthropology sector, there are counters displaying objects such as agriculture, animal husbandry, clothing, tools used for burial, official documents and passion plays.

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