Segonbadan – Kerman

Segonbadan – Kerman

Moshtaghieh Dome which is also known as Three Domes is a monument from Qajar era in Kerman City which was located beside the old cemetery and in the extra-murals in the past. Moshtagh Ali Shah (D. 1206 Hijri) was Mirza Mohammad Torbati and was titled Moshtagh Ali Shah.

He was one of the prominent figures in Mysticism and poetry and arts. Moshtagh added the fourth wire to Setar and the fourth wire of Setar is known as Moshtagh Wire in his memorandum. Moshtagh was stoned in 1206 Hijri for reciting Quran with Setar sound.

His body was buried beside the tomb of Mirza Hussain Khan which is now known as Moshtaghieh Dome or Three Domes, the shrine for the mystics, in Moshtaghieh Square in Kerman.

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