Saryazd Castle – Mehriz

Saryazd Castle – Mehriz

Saryazd Castle is located near Yazd-Kerman Road and in Koshtkhan Field beside Saryazd Village and is one of the greatest and most beautiful castles of Mehriz County along with Mehr Padin Castle. The castle dates back before Islam. This monument is surrounded by a trench with a six meters width and depth of four meters and the trench is considered the first defense layer of the castle.

The castle has two defensive rampart and fence. The outer fence with a height of six meters includes three circular towers and a square tower and the inner fence with 9 meters height includes six circular towers. The inner space of this castle that dates back to the Sassanid era was built in a specific order in two floors a three floors at times including residential sector, service sector, etc.

The complexity in inner spaces along with the tower and ramparts and simple and courtly geometrical shapes on them and the beautiful outer volume of the building are its unique features that have made Saryazd Castle as one of thethe most picturesque castles in the country.

This monument was registered in 27th of Khordad 1354 with number 1084 as one of the national monuments in Iran.

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