Sardar Mosque – Urmia

Sardar Mosque – Urmia

This mosque was constructed in Qajar era by Abdol Samad Khan, forefather of Azim-Al-Saltaneh Sardar. He installed a big clock on its entrance gate. That’s why it has been well known as Sa’atlu Mosgue because In Persian language Sa’at means clock. This mosque includes two separate parts which the main and important part is its grand hall.

The dome of this mosque is installed on twelve octagon stone columns. Upper parts of the columns are designed with excellent handy carvings. The small hall is located exactly at the end of the main hall which those are linked together by gate.

All of the used materials in this building are just the bricks in size 5*22*20 cm and mortar plaster. The other designs and beauty of this mosque, the rainbow tiles which are designed with blue, pink, green, white and brown color and Ayat-Al-Korsi is written inside one of the margins around the Mehrab. This mosque is repaired in 1330 (Hijri-Qamari).

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