Salar Saeid Mansion – Sanandaj

Salar Saeid Mansion – Sanandaj

This mansion is on the exterior part of Mulla Lotf Allah Sheikh Al-Islam in Habibi Alley on Imam Street and is a museum in Sanandaj at the moment where historical objects discovered from the province and other parts of Iran are put on a show. This building was established in late reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar by Mullah Lotf Allah Sheikh al-Islam, one of the famous Sunni scholars of Qajar era. Later on it was owned by Salar Saied Sanandaji and became known by his name.

The orosi in the royal livingroom of this mansion is one of the greatest orosis in Iran that was done by famous Kurdish master “Habib Allah Sanandaji” known as Master Nesa’ and his two sons.

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