Saib Tabrizi Tomb – Isfahan

Saib Tabrizi Tomb – Isfahan

Mirza Mohammad Ali Saib Tabrizi (born in 1000 Hijri year/1592 in Tabriz and died in 1086 hijri year/1676 in Isfahan) was the greatest sonneteer of the eleventh Hijri century and the most famous poet of Safavid era.

Saib developed and perfected a poetry style that was called the Indian style several centuries afterwards. Saib Tabrizi had so many poems such that his Diwan is written up to two hundred verses.

There is a Masnavi by him called Ghandharnameh which is about the battles of Shah Abbas and Ghandhar Conquest.

He died in 1081-1087 Hijri year in Isfahan and was buried in Lanban Neighborhood. The tomb of Saib is in a garden in Isfahan, on a street that is named Saib after him.

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