Safari – Kish

Safari – Kish

The sports, recreational and tourism complex of Kish Safari has been formed with the aim of developing tourism and creating a fun and safe environment for all ages, especially young people and tourists of the beautiful island of Kish. The complex is the first organizer of desert safari tours in Iran.

One of the most popular types of safari tours is Desert Tour that is its path and position is in the desert and wilderness. Types of vehicles used for these kinds of tours include two-differential and four-axle vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, etc. and even camel. Hot and dry desert and semi-desert climatic conditions are required for a desert tour.

Due to appropriate weather conditions and location for tourism, Kish Island has the potential for holding these types of tours.

Recreational features of this complex include an indoor restaurant, an outdoor restaurant and a coffee shop, and also handcrafts exhibition booths that will provide and introduce various regions of Iran


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