Rayshahr Ancient City – Bushehr

Rayshahr Ancient City – Bushehr

Rayshahr is situated 8 km. south of the city of Bushehr and relics found in this region dates back to the third to 1st Millennium B.C. The relics of this ancient city are inscriptions in the cuneiform script, and decorative earthenware showing that this city was one of the important cities of the ‘Elamite Empire’. In that time it was known as Lian. This city formed an important link between the eastern and western civilizations of the past.

The name ‘Rayshahr’ is the short form of the word ‘Rivard Ardeshir’ and was constructed during the time of Ardeshir Babakan. During the Sassanian period this city was an important centers for scholars.

The territory of the ancient city of ‘Reyshahr’ is on the national records of monument in Iran.

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