Rangoonis Mosque – Abadan

Rangoonis Mosque – Abadan

Abadan Refinary began its activities in 1291 solar Hijri year as the first oil refining unit in Iran and the main center of exporting oil products in the Eastern Hemisphere. Abadn getting to be known as one of the industrial cities, thousands of English, Indian and Pakistanian citizens migrated to this city. One of the first groups that migrated to Abadan included employees of Rangoon Refinery from current Myanmar country (previously Burma) and majority of them were originally from Rangoon and Muslims.

To this end, they decided to establish a place for praying on the lands of Oil Company. Finally by the consent of this company, the mosque started to be built by Pakistanian employees of Abadan Refinery and its foundation was took place in 1300 solar Hijri year (1921). This mosque dates back to the late Qajar period and early Pahlavid era.

Rangoonis Mosque was in Indian subcontinent architecture style with elegant and outstanding moldings and unique cement symbols. It is now used as the museum of historical documents and manuscripts.

Rangoonis Mosque was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments by the Cultural Heritage Organization on 9th of Farvardin 1378 with registration number 2289.

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