Rakhtshooy Khaneh Historical Edifice – Zanjan

Rakhtshooy Khaneh Historical Edifice – Zanjan

This famous edifice is located in Baba Jamal Choqoie Zanjan. It was constructed by two brothers named Mashad Akbar (an architect of those times) and Mashadi Esmail, (a mason). This construction can be divided into two parts. The first can be said to be the ‘care-taker’ and management, and then the wash room area.

The former relates to the court yard and residential quarters, which encompasses two chambers along with an entrance. The latter portion is the wash room area, that again can be categorized into different sections-such as the water reservoir the ceiling of which is beautifully architectured.

Another section is the main or original wash room, constructed from slabs of stone and mortar. Internally this building boast of unique architectural techniques.

It can be noted that clothes can be washed here in four phases – beginning at the end of the water canal and ending on the other side. Beside foot baths can be observed, as well as a sewage system which had been planned under the foot baths, hence delivering the sewage water to the sewage system of the city. At present this public wash-house and historical relic has been renovated into a museum, which is on record in Iran.

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