Rageh Canyon – Rafsanjan

Rageh Canyon – Rafsanjan

Kerman is a vast province, due to its climatic conditions, its tourist attractions, ecotourism, geotourism, and nature tourism, it is the home of many natural tourist attractions. Rage valley is one of the natural beauties like Shahdad’s Kaluts in this province. The valley or strait of Rageh, located near the city of Rafsanjan, is about 20 kilometers long and has a depth of 80 meters.

The Rageh canyon is likely one of the unique and delightful natural phenomena of Rafsanjan County. This valley is created by Guivdary River, its floods and soil erosion of it throughout several thousand years. This valley was unknown until some just a few years in the past. Some features of the valley are sharp conical peaks, blades and strip wise walls. Rageh valley is about 20 km in size which includes stunning shapes which made by several thousand years of abrasion.

In some locations among columns and wall peak jags there are attention-grabbing and numerous spatial shapes furthermore it may be seen slender and broad passages alongside the river and valley walls, along with small or large holes and cuts which a few of them are natural and a few are artificial long ago.

Traits of Rageh Canyon

  • Particular morphology of the canyon (distinction and conjugation of flat surrounding fields and deep valley with its shapes that are manufacturing of abrasion.
  • Safety of the district as a should for tourist attraction.
  • Rafsanjan airport (20 km roughly)
  • Sand-bed access road.
  • District virginity.
  • Presence of some species of birds such as eagle… across the valley and possible bird watching tours.
  • Chance for astronomy tours (lack of troublous lights)
  • This valley with its particular morphology could be one of Geo tourism destinations and Sarcheshmeh copper mine as a complementary for it.
  • Moreover this valley could be part of tourist path which connects two Eco tourist sights of the province, Meymand village and Shahdad Kaluts and who come Kerman for ecotourism might go to this distinctive natural phenomenon.

Astronomy and Sky Watching Tours

On the walls of the Strait, there are stones and structures in beautiful shapes that look like stone carvings of ancient civilizations. At the edge of the beautiful and spectacular cliffs, the ever-reaching river of Guidor through the Strait makes the Rageh an inspirational place. In addition to all the beauty of the valley, watching the desert sky at night is another tourist attraction in the area. Now the valley is a place for the presence of some observation tours of the sky and valleys and climbing. Rageh, which is beside Qeshm and Aras, is the third Iranian Geopark, which in addition to its earthly beauties, has a ghastly skyline, which makes it a suitable place for astro tourism or astronomy tourism.

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