Qorban Tower – Hamedan

Qorban Tower – Hamedan

Hamedan, the ancient and legendary city with a brilliant background and rich culture has always been the cradle of civilization, science, art, wisdom and mysticism. However, the city has many attractions like other cities and one of the unknown attractions is Qorban Tower in Zandi Neighborhood near Ibn Sina High School.

It is a 12 side brick tower with a pyramidal dome with 12 pieces of brick. There is also an inscription on the srypt portal of the tower which dates back to 1009 hijri year. This monument is the tomb of Sheikh al-Islam Hassan Ibn Attar Hafiz Abu al-A’laa Hamedani and a number of Seljuk commanders.

This tower was registered in the list of Iran’s national and historical monuments on 1354/3/28 with registration number 1078/3.

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