Qoli Bath – Semnan

Qoli Bath – Semnan

This bath is located in Imam Khomeini Ave., Molla Qazvini Street of Semnan. There is a strong possibility that this is a relic of the 10th century AH.

The bath is comprised of three sections, the cloak-room or (Sarbeeneh), the hot house or (Garm Khaneh) and the reservoir or (Khazeeneh or Khazineh) of a hot bath. The cloak-room is square in shape, with an arched roof and light sutures, the hot house is rectangular in shape and has a wooden ceiling, to the north of this area is the ‘Shah Nesheen’ or segment reserved for the elite. To the western and southern sections of which is the reservoir and the showers with hot and cold water respectively.

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