Qebleh Do’a Ceremony – Bandar Abbas

Qebleh Do’a Ceremony – Bandar Abbas

This ceremony is performed when the rain fail to fall. The chief prayer leader arranges such that the congregation assembles at the public place for prayers or (Mossallah) for this event. Groups of children are sent out amongst the inhabitants to collect money and eatables. Whilst they are busy they chant songs and rhymes to do with rain. This continues till the night or even till another two days.

The day after which the people set out to the Qebleh Do’a to eat the special food prepared (that has been blessed). Here the food is distributed amongst the poor and this takes another two days. Then according to the instructions of the chief prayer leader, the people of the city go on a fast for rain.

They congregate in the mosques where the Holy Qoran is recited. On the fourth day the inhabitants join the assembly at the Qebleh Do’a where they plead for rain. As it is believed, the wishes of a person who is fasting is granted. On the final day of the ceremony, people wear white and clean apparel, and pray, after which the sermon is read and the prayer leader prays for rain and the congregation chant ‘Amen’.

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