Protected Zones – Kerman

Protected Zones – Kerman

Due to certain factors such as its geographical location, environment and other natural aspects of the province, a variety of wildlife species can be found in the mountainous regions and plains of this vicinity.

Thus bringing forth protected areas here, and a prohibition as to hunting by the Department of the Environment. The most important protected areas in the province are Khobr and Arzoiyeh of Baft. Different species of birds are found in this region such as the partridge, a kind of black-breasted bird, dull yellow partridge, wild pigeon and prey birds such as the falcon and hawk.

In the warmer and colder regions of the province, wild animals such as leopard, panther, wolf, fox, black bear, jackal, hyena, hare, a wide species of snakes, wild goat, wild sheep and ram are found here. The presence of wild ass has also been reported.

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