Protected Wildlife Zones – Zanjan

Protected Wildlife Zones – Zanjan

Due to climatic and geographical variations of this province the flora and fauna adapts itself to these charges. The protected areas of Zanjan province are:

  • The Angooran Protected Area, in the Angooran district covering an area of approximately 111,000 hectares.
  • The Shahrein Protected Area, Located in the limits of the township of Zanjan. The most important species of wildlife in these areas are: Ram, wild sheep, wild goat, Gazelle (Musk deer), Bear, Leopard, Wolf, Hyena, Lynx, wild cat, Fox, Jackal, Gray squirrel, Boar, and Sable.

Endemic birds such as: Partridge, yellow partridge, ring dove, turtle dove, dove, eagle, pigeon, vulture, duck, ostrich, crow, starling, magpie, raven and gull.
Immigrant birds (waterfowls) such as: Bustard, flamingo, crane, pelican, goose, duck, grouse, cock and a few others.

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