Protected Wildlife Zones and Hunting Sites – Kermanshah

Protected Wildlife Zones and Hunting Sites – Kermanshah

In the past, Kermanshah was one of the important wildlife zones of Iran. Engravings of the Taq-e-Bostan margin shows the aspects of this hunting ground. In the groves and highlands of the province, various types of birds both migratory and endemic are seen. The most important of the endemic birds are: partridge, dull yellow partridge, turtle dove, and dove.

The most important of migrant birds are, duck and goose that are mainly seen in winter. Due to intensive hunting in this region, other species of birds are decreasing in number such as the rare species of bustard. Wild animals namely are the, leopard, bear, wild goat, wolf, jackal, fox, bore and bear. The most important of these hunting grounds are, Sahneh, Kenar Gamasiyab, Bortaj, Alvand and Abgarm.

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