Prophet Hezqil’s Shrine – Dezful

Prophet Hezqil’s Shrine – Dezful

People of Dezful call the Prophet Zul-Kifl “Baba Ezekiel”. Ezekiel was Buzzi’s (the Kohen) son and was born in Judea. Nebuchadnezzar II took him captive and resided him in Chaldea lands. He served as a prophet for 22 years between 595 and 573 BC. He was appreciated and respected by Jewish people and all major sheikhs obeyed him. As well as serving as a prophet and having high level of science, he was fairly skillful in construction work.

According to Matn-ol-Akhbar, Ezekiel is the Prophet Daniel’s father, but not the one known as Danial Akbar. The tomb of Ezekiel is located in the center of Dezful in Shariati Street’s parking lot.

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