Plant Coverings – Dehdasht (Kohgiluyeh)

Plant Coverings – Dehdasht (Kohgiluyeh)

The vegetation coverage is diverse because there are two different types of climates, one in the warmer locations and the other one, in the colder climatic regions. In the cold areas, because of abundant water, the vegetation coverage is dense. But in the warmer regions, this covering is sparse, 80% of the trees in the colder regions are of the oak species and the other 20% of the Persian turpentine, Savin, wild plum, wild almond trees, and so on.

In the pastures of this province there are lots of medicinal and industrial herbs. Most of these plants are used as herbal medicine, after they are cooked or boiled or are used by some other ways for the remedy of diseases.

Valleys of Kohkiluyeh Va Boyer Ahmad province which are used as pastures, are as follows:
Mehrjan (Mehrgan), between Bahmei and Tayebi tribes (warm region) Kiar Kar, in Bahmei Alaeddin, Bromshir in Tayebi (warm region) and Dehdasht district, Golisfid in Boyer Ahmad, Dalan in Doshman Ziyari of Kohkiluyeh, Bezeh Sabz in Chaparbayan and Mahtab in Tayebi (cold region) of Kohkiluyeh. valleys such as Bahram Beigi, Sepidar, Babakan, Dilgan, Sadat, Lava (Loadab), Saqaveh, Margoon, Joubriz and Shahniz in Boyer Ahmad, Roudshur in Dehdasht, Ajam in Tayebi (cold region), Dasht-e-Rome in Boyer Ahmad township and Sar-e-Kooh Siyah in Sarfariab, Dehdasht.

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