Petroglyphs of Mirmalas Cave – Koohdasht

Petroglyphs of Mirmalas Cave – Koohdasht

Mirmelas cave is located in the approximate distance of 18 kilometers to north east of Koohdasht of Lorestan. Paintings and images on the southern and northern walls of this cave mostly indicates scenes of battles, hunting, man and animal. Animal images such as deer, cow, dog, fox and particularly horse and the rider during shooting and hunting, and martial subjects are painted in red and black on the walls of this cave. The size of the faces on the rock paintings of Mirmelas is between 10 and 30 cm, and animals are often painted in side view. The paintings of the cave porch is damaged by human and nature, and can hardly be witnessed.

The rock paintings of Mirmelas mountain of Koohdasht town are in the same level of Vulture and Lascaux caves in France.

According to the opinion of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization experts, these rock paintings are originated in the tenth millennium B.C, in other words, more than 12000 years ago. Of course, there are disagreements upon this subject.

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