Peer-e-Alamdar Mausoleum – Semnan

Peer-e-Alamdar Mausoleum – Semnan

This mausoleum is located in the Hakim Ellahi Ave., of Semnan. The same has been constructed of sun baked bricks along with brick, and is cubical shaped externally. The porch is semi circular, and simple in architecture. The tomb is located in a square room, and on the grave which is of limestone is the Zari or a type of railing. The ceiling of the said room is designed with triangles, which are so placed as to form circles, and capped with a dome.

According to a tiled inscription in the Tholth script, which is on the entrance door, this mausoleum belongs to one of the off springs of Hazrat Sajad A.S. (The fourth Imam of the Shiite sect).

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