Pataveh (Padena) Bridges – Boyer Ahmad (Yasuj)

Pataveh (Padena) Bridges – Boyer Ahmad (Yasuj)

This bridge is located within 15 km. of the Dena Mountains in upper Boyer Ahmad, and has very tall walls which overlooks the river. Due to its climatically and geographical factors it forms one of the main roads of Tisfoon, Estakhr, Susa, Behbahan, Esfahan and was also a route for caravans.

Based on this point, there are many bridges built in this region. Bridges and roads pertaining to the pre Islamic era have gone under repair in later periods. One of the remnants of a long bridge which has remained in a better condition is between the three bridges to the south of the Khersan Gorge. In the past, access to the Tal-e-Khosravi was gained through this bridge.

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