Oramanat Takht Village – Marivan

Oramanat Takht Village – Marivan

The same is located in an east-west valley on steep slope overlooking the northern front of the Takht Mountains 63 km. south of Marivan. The village houses are generally made of stone and stair like fashion, with beams covering the ceilings. These houses are arranged such that the roof of one house is the courtyard of the other.

The climate of this region in spring and summer is very pleasant and it is very cold in winter.The Oramanat Takht Village is one of the attractive rural areas of Kurdestan which besides its panoramic views, has valuable tourism capacities because of the annual performance of an ancient and wonderful ceremony of Peer Shahriar.

The inhabitant of this territory and their language is known as Hevarami. The Urami dialect is one of the famous Kurdish languages. Ancient fire temples, remnants of this region indicate that the inhabitants were Zoroastrians before converting to Islam.

The Sirvan River flows from the deep valleys of this region and enters Iraq. The border areas of the Sirvan river are called Ravar. Here the lands are covered with walnut, pomegranate, fig and mulberry trees. In spite of difficult climatic conditions the inhabitants abide by their traditions.

The tombs of Peer Shahriar Urami, writer of the book Acquaintance of Peer Shahriar is one of the creditable pilgrimage sites of the people, which was a Zoroastrian celestial before the advent of Islam. The inhabitants of the Uraman Takht are Sonni moslems from the Shafei sect.

From other sacred sites, mention can be made of the Oihang and Abdollahi mosques, the tomb of “Loskeh Hijij” which is highly respected by the people of this region and other people of Kurdestan.

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