Old Orumieh Bazaar – Urmia

Old Orumieh Bazaar – Urmia

The historical bazaar of Urmia is one of rare monuments remained from Safavid dynasty. It has saved its lively environment and functionality. The simple architecture is its significant property while it has various types of arches and domes. The ancient bathouse of the bazaar is dated back to Qajar and Zand periods.

The market that is window to the past, entering to it is entring to Zand and Qajar era. In the old texture of Urmia city, we enter to historic market from the Grand Mosque. The entrance is one of the most beautiful ancient Iranian architecture. After entering to the market if we have a little bit information of architecture we can see easily tasteful and culture of Azeri – Iranian architectural of Qajar and Zand of this place and enjoy it. In fact, the oldest part of this market is related to the Safavid period. Unfortunately, with the advent of modernity and the industrial age to the market, much of it has changed but fortunately, because of the greatness of this market, we can still see the old market and the enthusiasm come from its beauty parts between Asgarabadi, imam, Mahabad and Eqbal streets.

The general plan of this square is like incomplete rectangle and covers an area of 60 thousand square meters. 1000 shop with different functions, 7 Timcheh and large old house and five bathrooms are the area where we can see them in this market. One of the outstanding features of its architecture is simple architechture set, despite differences that we see in the market in the form of arches, fountains and domes. It can not be seen in the market any variety of artistic techniques such as tiling, stucco, stone and old prolific Wooden doorsand in bazaar, all the materials of bazzar are selected from brick and often, are even without simple brick-lined gypsum.

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