Narin Castle – Meybod

Narin Castle – Meybod

The building which is known as Narenj Castle in common language is one of the most important historical monuments before Islam in Yazd Province.

Narin Ghal’eh in Meybod town in Yazd is another historical and stunning mansion in ancient Iran whose builders’ architecture and art has attracted the attention and admiration of archaeologists and history lovers. Its long background has given it a legendary identity such that the compiler of Yazd History has attributed the castle to the time of Solomon (AS).

This old castle which is on top of a hill in front of Meybod has all its parts made of adobe and mud and its architecture is in stratified form.

The castle was built in about 5 stages. The oldest section of the building includes spaces carved in the heart of the earth and are called “Boken” in local language and make its lowest part. This old building was nationally registered in 1354 with registration number 3490.

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