Monastery of Shams-Borhan – Mahabad

Monastery of Shams-Borhan – Mahabad

Shams-Borhan monastery and convent in Mahabad is located in a cold village area, which the cold mainly due to the mountains of Kurdistan has mild weather in summer and too cold in winter. The shrines in the 35 km road Boukan-Mahabad right mentioned in a road-way length is approximately 7 miles. According to the spiritual shrines and village trustee who is the grandson of Shams-Borhan and techniques common platform and building construction and decoration on both sides using the old Ivan more than 100 years, it seems, but the exact dating and the history of Further studies, is possible. The rectangular building form and materials used in it are stones carved limestone and thick wooden beams having flat roof.

Internal ventilation and light into the tomb through the windows in the north and south insertion is done, the edge of the roof as a quadrilateral with wood console built into two niche as Ivan bed can be seen, the internal front and side with a simple plaster coating by foreign Trashdar rocks have been decorated. This place of religious gathering place disciples and disciple principle role is classified.

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