Moavenol Molk Mourning Place – Kermanshah

Moavenol Molk Mourning Place – Kermanshah

The mourning place and Hossainieh of Moavenol Molk comprises of 3 buildings such as the Abbasieh, Hossaineh and Zeinabieh, located in the city center of Kermanshah. The Tekieh has 2 courtyards and a building in the center.

The Hossainieh walls are covered and adorned with beautiful multi colored tiles. Portraits of great personalities of the times have been painted by delicate paint brushes and attractive colors on the tiles. The subject of some of these tile works are related to the historical and mythological episodes besides religious traditions such as: Hazrat Soleiman, the Karbala and Ashoura events, and tales of Rostam and Sohrab.

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