Milad Tower – Tehran

Milad Tower – Tehran

Milad tower is one of the landmarks of modern Tehran. It is a telecommunication and multipurpose tower with a height of 435 meters. This tower is the sixth longest tower in the world. This construction is formed of 13 floors with different functions. In general, this tower is consisted of three parts of lobby, shaft or the main body and the head structure.

The greatness and beauty of this tower in the side of the facilities exiting in it have turned Milad tower to one of the touristic attractions of Tehran. In the process of selecting the establishment location of Milad tower, various studies such as geological, meteorology, economic, traffic, and architecture studies were conducted and the effect of each of these factors on constructing such a construction were accurately studied. This tower has several entertainment-touristic facilities. Establishment of this tower started in 1997 and was finished in October 7th, 2008.

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