Mehri Temple – Khorram Abad

Mehri Temple – Khorram Abad

This temple is located to the south west of Khoram Abad and at a distance of 8 km. from Khoram Abad-Koohdasht Road.

There is a crypt dug out in the mountain in ‘Baba Abbas’ Valley, which at present is a protected military area. Surrounding this crypt are a few columns and four stone walls. To the west of this crypt are stone steps , and higher up on the mountain side an open space, resembling a place for sacrifice exists. This area is 20 m. higher than the crypt. The crypt was a temple for ‘sun worshipers’. The tomb of Mama Jalaleh (the mother of Shah Khusheen) is also in the Baba Abbas Valley.

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