Marakan Protect Area – Khoy

Marakan Protect Area – Khoy

Marakan protect area in in the southern banks of the river Aras and Khoy city is located. Northern border area is border river Aras.

This area from north to Aras river, from south to plain Ghaturchay river, from west to agricultural lands and from east to main road Jolfa is located. Minimum altitude of 720 meters in the eastern part of the region and the maximum elevation 2100 m in altitude Sant Estepanus church is. In general, the area around the plains and foothills and highlands area is located in the middle part.

In the protected area Marakan 28 species from 12 families in five orders of mammals have been identified, most prominent of which are: Armenian sheep, goats, leopards, lynx, gray hamster.

So far, 128 species of birds belonging to 34 families in this area is recognized as the most important of them are the same, Golden Eagle, Balaban, Quebec Derry, Quebec Chil, Egyptian vultures, are indicative.

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