Mansion of Eyn-od-Dowleh (Leaf Gallery) – Tehran

Mansion of Eyn-od-Dowleh (Leaf Gallery) – Tehran

Garden and building of Eyn-od-dowleh is one of Iran’s historical buildings and one of Iran’s valuable national relics which was established during the Qajar dynasty.

This garden/building was the summer residential house of “Eynoddoleh”, the minister of three critical historical eras of Iran during the Qajar dynasty, and nearly at the time of government change from Qajar to Pahlavi, this place was turned into the permanent residential house of Heravi family “Basiroddoleh”.

At the time of establishment (during 1911-1921) included a ceremonial building, a large pool and many gardens surrounding it. In 1997, while this place was desolated and deserted many years before, it was detected and was registered in June 25th, 1998 in the list of Iran’s national relics. Currently, Barg art gallery operates in Eynoddoleh building.

One of the important historical events that happened in this place is Tehran conference and the accommodation of great politicians in this building.

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