Mahabad Jame’e Mosque – Mahabad

Mahabad Jame’e Mosque – Mahabad

This mosque is from the Safavid era and because of its unique architectural techniques is considered to be one of the most beautiful and historical structures of this province. This mosque has 18 pillars and 18 domes.


This mosque is the oldest mosque in Mahabad, and have construdted in the middle of 17th century at the end of Safavi’s dynasty, and during Badaagh Ol Soltan’s reign the construction have finished.


Jame’e mosque is the most important and usually the largest mosques in the cities, which moslims pray Friday’s prayer toghether.


Total area of this mosque is appr. 1260 square meters and it contains 10 stony columns. And the height of each column is 2.6 meters.

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