Mafkham Mirror House – Bojnourd

Mafkham Mirror House – Bojnourd

Mafkham mirror house is a tall and glorious building, located north of Bojnourd, which is considered as one of the priceless historical monuments of this city. This building belonged to one of the commanders of the Qajarid era, General Mafkham. The façade of this building is decorated with tile work, while its interior has been also decorated with tile work and pieces of mirror, multiplying the interior design’s beauty. This is an oblong-shaped two-story building, consisting of nine chambers. One of the upper floor’s chambers is a large hall, with its walls and ceiling decorated with delicately cut pieces of mirror. This building is one of the unique historical monuments dating back to the era of rule of Qajarid king, Naser Ed-Din Shah. In the past, it was located in the middle of a large orchard, at a close distance to other buildings such as Mafkham and Kolah Farangi Buildings. The Kolah Farangi Building was demolished in the wake of a strong earthquake that jolted Bojnourd, while Mafkham Mirror House and Building have stood the test of time and have remained to this day. Mafkham mirror house has been registered among Iran’s historical monuments and has been used as a museum of hand-written documents as of the year 2000 AD.

Mafkham Building is one of the historical monuments of city of Bojnourd which was constructed upon the order of General Mafkham in 1300 AH as his place of residence. It maintains thirty-four chambers and two large halls. The façade of the building looms over the south and is covered with tile works, depicting the pictures of humans, animals, and geometrical shapes. The related construction materials are bricks and mortars, with each of the building’s floors having two northern and southern balconies. The building is fully covered with tiles in different shapes and forms in blue, yellow, pink, purple, white, red, and black colors, while each pillar has been decorated with particular patterns and designs.

Mafkham Building has turned into museum of archeology and anthropology after its renovation.

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