Local Music and Dances – Kermanshah

Local Music and Dances – Kermanshah

Kurdish music, at first was epic and heroic. Verse-readers who were the most ancient Kurdistan composers were often illiterate. But since earlier centuries till today heroic stories have been converted to poem and composition accompanied with the melodies of the kettle drum and trumpet. Later on, melodies, tunes and heroic tunes entered Kurdish music: The types of Kurdish instruments in Kermanshah are as follows:

  • The Drum, tambourine, Shemshal: These are played by gypsies and used in heroic, epic and mystical ceremonies. Today, there is at least one group of traditional musicians in every Kurdish village. The players and singers of the area perform to obtain a spiritual affect only. An instrument similar to a guitar is also considered sacred. This is generally played in the foothills of the Zagross. Kordish dances are rhythmic, forming a unity in all body movements. In most of the Kurdish dances the dancers hold hands, taking steps in one direction, similar to militia.
  • The famous Kurdish dances are as follows: Geryaneh, Broodova, Chapi, Separseh, Jar, Sehpa and Fatah Pashaii.

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