Kolbadi House – Sari

Kolbadi House – Sari

House of Manouchehr Khan Kolabadi is related to the late Qajar era and is located in Sari in place of Administration of Cultural Heritage (previously). This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments n 9th of Aban 1377 with registration number 2148. The house was built to the order of Sardar Jalil, one of the army commanders of the time. Later on, the house was yielded to his grandchild, Manouchehr Khan Kolabadi.

The architecture style of the building is taken from shrines in Qajar era and it consists of two interior and exterior sections. The main part of the house is established in two floors in the interior section and a basement and each floor has a dais and two-way rooms. The dais on the second floor is one of the most beautiful roms of the house and every part of it reminds one of the decorative arts in Qajar period. The materials used to construct this house are woods and bricks and its roof is in gable form and made of adobe.

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