Khorheh Solooki Temple – Delijan

Khorheh Solooki Temple – Delijan

he historical Khorheh Village is located to the west of main road running between Tehran and Esfahan. To the west of which is an archaeological relic related to the Seleucidian era.

This remnant is related to the 4th or 3rd centuries BC., and was most probably a temple. Two columns of stone to the elevation of 6 m. remain from this vestige. This historical monument is an extremely valuable one. According to the studies and views of ‘Hertsfold’ this was the temple of the ‘God of War’.

Today wine-yards surround this vicinity. This structure overlooks the southern plain and the Khorheh River flows close to it. The ramparts and columns are the remnants of a large structure, most probably were constructed 23 centuries ago. The results of excavations performed in this historical vicinity reveal that this structure comprises of the following:

The original southern structure consists of columns, chambers and courtyard. Whereas the northern structure, which is the main one, consists of chambers and corridors. The western structure comprises of a number of chambers and a hall.
There is a mineral water spring with a good capacity of water near this historical vestige.

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