Khorenj Village – Piranshahr

Khorenj Village – Piranshahr

The word “Khorenj” means (area of the vote) which means full of stones. Here the name and the content agree. In fact, Khorenj is full of decorative and legendary stones. Khorenj is one of the one hundred villages in Piranshahr County that is located in the north west of Iran.


The legendary stones behind this village (north of the village) that are four thousand meters long and four hundred meters wide have decorated Khorenj Village. There are various fruits and blessings among these decorative stones such as:
  1. Figs in four tastes and colors (yellow, red, black, blue),
  2. Raspberries (red and black),
  3. Cherries (yellow, red, black), etc.
And most importantly, there is clear and lucid water in the highest point of these rocks that supplies the drinking water of all the villagers. Each and every point of the stones has a specific name that will astound every visitor.


It is noteworthy that there is a point called Zendan (Prison) at the back of the aforementioned mountains and that is the crypt at ground level with unknown depth where the sound of water and wind can be heard and going through which is difficult and impossible.


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