Kharmanehsar Cave – Zanjan

Kharmanehsar Cave – Zanjan

The said cave is located in the heights of the Kharmanehsar Mountains in the village of Shah Neshan. A type of granite and white limestone have formed columns and hangings (Stalagtites and Stalagmites) very similar to those of a chandelier, suspended from the roof of the cave. Needless to say this natural feature has added to its beauty.

There is a interwoven, window-like opening near the peak of the Kharmanehsar Mountain, but this inlet must not be mistaken for the actual mouth of the cave, as it has nothing to do with the same. Above the opening or mouth of the cave there is a large crevice resembling a room, around which are smaller crevices.

These are nesting places for bats and such creatures who do not take long to make their appearance to ‘welcome’ a visitor on hearing footsteps. But on entering the cave, and after a short distance an approximately large space is encountered with, after which there comes a water-hole filled with clean, sparkling water.

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