Khajeh Tajedin Mausoleum – Isfahan

Khajeh Tajedin Mausoleum – Isfahan

The said aggregate comprises of a mosque, school, water reservoir, Khanegah (or a type of monastery), and dome. But today only the two symmetrical brick domes of the mausoleum and the Khanegah remain.

There are two tombs here, covered with beautiful tiles and enclosed in a latticed worked wooden chest. The structure is square in shape with a low-lying dome. A large porch connects these two structures to one another.

Amidst the brick laid ceiling of this mausoleum is an intricate piece of art worked in tiles and is from the Mongol era. The eastern dome, which is that of the Khanegah, is right over the tomb of Molla Mohammad Hassan Qotb Natanzi.

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