Katlah Khor Garmab Cave – Zanjan

Katlah Khor Garmab Cave – Zanjan

This cave is located 140 km. south west of Zanjan, in the southern skirts of the Saqizloo mountains. The inlet to this cave stands 6-8 m. above a dry river. The beauty of this cave is enhanced due to the formation of stalagtites and stalagmites because of calcified precipitation. Besides these are icicles suspended from the roof and these conical shaped hangings due to impurities are multicolored, whereas some are crystals clear.

In the larger passages, a constant trickle of water has brought about the presence of beautiful designs notable shapes similar to a cauliflower (due to presence of calcified material, it resembles the same) these cauliflowers are also multi-colored. On the cave flooring a skeleton of a four legged animal, which has been converted to a calcified compound can also be noted.

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