Kashgan Bridge – Koohdasht

Kashgan Bridge – Koohdasht

The above mentioned bridge is situated on the old road of Tehran to the ancient city of Shahpour Khast.

This bridge has been constructed on Kashgan river. At the lower end of the bridge its pillars from the Sassani era have remained. Of the 11 pillars only a part of 4 pillars are left to be seen. The length of this bridge is approximately 300 m. According to an inscription discovered on the bridge in the ‘Kufic’ script, its construction began in the year 388 AH. by the orders of ‘Badr Ebne Hosnooyieh Al Hossain’.

The bridge was completed in the year 398 AH. At a 100 m. distance from the said bridge, there is the remains of another bridge of the Sassanian era (pre-Islamic period). Between this bridge and the Kashgan bridge, a new bridge has been constructed.

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