Karoon River – Shahrekord

Karoon River – Shahrekord

The western and south western jurisdictions of the province consists of Lordegan, Khan Mirza, Felard, and southern Bazoft. It is through these regions that the various branches of the Karoon River flows.

Hence providing recreational areas, due to certain elements which help to elevate circumstances, such as suitable weather conditions during summer months, existing tributaries or branches of the Karoon River and access to Khuzestan province by the land route. Besides which the dense chestnut forests enhance the beauty en route.

Alongside this river rural settlements and temporary tribal settlements of the Bakhtiyari Tribe can be taken into account, moreover, this provides economic and social welfare in their lifestyle as well. This vicinity provides other attractions such as fishing, canoeing, swimming, resting places, as well as tribal areas or spaces and other places of interest are well worth mentioning.

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