Karaftoo Historical Cave – Saqez

Karaftoo Historical Cave – Saqez

The said is located in a castle by the same name between Divandareh and Saqez, 20 km. north of this route. This relic accounts for being a reputed and important one in the province of Kurdestan.

The cave structure is related to the Parthian era and about the 3rd century BC. The dwellings of this cave, 2000 years ago were reputed temples of Heraclees (the Grecian deity). In one of the chambers, the name of Heracletus is engraved in the Latin script, whereas, on one of the walls of the third chamber there is an impression of a rider hunting a deer.

This is a reminder of the victorious Goodarz the Parthian over the monarch of Armenia. Gaining access to this archaic temple proves difficult today because of its steep gradient. On entering the cave and crossing chambers of stone, there is a large area, connected by dark corridor to two pools of stone.

In the third and fourth chambers there are other attractive impressions. In other parts of the cave there are remnants of corridor, porches, chambers of stone and outlets such as windows. Evidences prove that this cave is related to the eras of Mitraism and sun worshippers.

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