Kalat-e-Nadery Complex, Kalat – Mashhad

Kalat-e-Nadery Complex, Kalat – Mashhad

The walls of Kalat are 35 km. in length and 10 km. in width and located 180 km. north of Mashad. The remains of this area belong to the Nader Shah period. There are observation towers (constructed in the years 1155-1160 AH) around this city.

Existing inscriptions are evident including one written in the Turkish language and Nasta’liq script.

The ancient entrance gate, Dahcheh gate, Choob Bast gate, Gashtaneh gate, Nafaqi gate located in Band-e-Arqavan Shah and Khorshid palace located in band-e-Nafaqi and Takhte-e-Dokhtar situated on a hill near the Nafaqi Gate which was built under the orders of Nader Shah are counted as the only monuments which have been remained.

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