Kakh-e Einol Rashid – Garmsar

Kakh-e Einol Rashid – Garmsar

The said palace is situated 2 km. north of the Shah Abbas palace. Externally the structure is 86 m. in length and with a maximum of 47 m. in breadth.

This structure has two large courtyards, and the entrance is in the shape of a porch south of the main courtyard. On both sides of this porch are two large halls each with five doors leading to the courtyard. In the center of the courtyard is the western hall, this is the largest hall of the palace.

Its porch is 18.5 m. in length, 5.1 m. in breadth and 5.25 m. in height. Three chambers and a porch like area are in the southern part of the courtyard, these form the kitchen and storage place for food. This palace is a relic belong to the Safavid period.

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