Javaher Deh Village – Ramsar

Javaher Deh Village – Ramsar

Javaher Deh Village, 27 kilometers from Ramsar and in Sakht Sar Rural District and on Alborz Mountains of 2000 meters height, is located in the skirts of high Samasus Mountains and among pastures and grasses.

The most famous mountains of it include Sorkh Tale (the eastern side of Samamus Summit) and Vazhak Se Barareh Rezheh (Rajeh). The highest mountain among these is Sorkh Tale summit. Lapa Sar with its famous and medicinal springs and Samamus and the Tomb of Shah Yahya Kiayi on Chakad Summit of Samamus ith permanent frieges are some of the sights and attractive places in Javaher Deh Village.

The upper streams of this village along with outstanding waterfalls, the vast forest park between the valley that is beside Safarud River and a river with sparkling mineral water are some of the tourist attractions in the area.

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