Jameh Mosque – Zanjan

Jameh Mosque – Zanjan

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan with four porches is one of the important and elegant mosques in Zanjan that catches everyone’s eyes. Jameh Mosque of Zanjan have been accompanied by a school that were built in the thirteenth Hijri century by one of the sons of Fathali Shah Qajar named Abdollah Mirza Dara who was one of the disciples of Ayat ollah Seyyed Mohammad Mojtahed Sardani.

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan is also known as Dara Mosque, Seyyed Mosque, Soltani Mosque and Jom’eh (Friday) Mosque but now it is common as Jameh Mosque.

Jameh Mosque of Zanjan was accompanied by a school in the past and was one of the greatest and most elegant mosques in Zanja with four porches. These four porches in mosque scene are more prominent than any other part of the mosque. The porches of Jameh Mosque of Zanjan are symmetrical. Each and every single part of the mosque manifests the art and skills of master Iranian artists.

This monument was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments on 10th of Ordibehesht 1342 with registration number 1056.

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