Jameh Mosque of Saveh – Saveh

Jameh Mosque of Saveh – Saveh

Jameh Mosque of Saveh is among the first mosques built in Iran and Saveh County. It was adorned and refurbished by Iranian artists during different periods in a way that nothing has remained from the initial building of the mosque as e result of the refurbishments. This mosque is completely made by mud that has made it unique. Jameh Mosque of Saveh consists of a court and a dome in the south, two porches, one minaret, some Shabestans, several old Mihrabs with Kufic script, and two mihrabs from Safavid period with Thuluth script.

One of the features of this religious-historical monument is that the signs of three historical periods (pre-Islamic, early Islamic centuries, and Safavid period) are visible in it. The remains of this monument indicate the fact that it has been a fire temple during Ancient Iran’s period, and changed to a mosque in the Islamic period.

The mosque covers an area of 4200 square meters, and it was registered in the list of Iran’s National Heritage as the first historical monument of Markazi Province.

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